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A Little Karate History


Karate   "Empty Hand"

                  Modern day Karate was originated

                  in Okinawa and introduced to Japan

                  by Gichin Funakoshi in the early

                  part of the 20th century.

                  In 1952 Mas Oyama introduces karate

                  on a 32 state tour in the US of A.

                  IN 1956 Ed Parker "Father of American

                  Kenpo Karate" establishes 1st west

                  coast kenpo school in California.

                  In the early 70's Bill Gray of Houston

                  started the American Society of Karate

                  and continues today with several schools

                  throughout the area.


                  S.A.K.’s goal is to bring to the area kids

                  a chance to learn self discipline, and

                  self confidence at the lowest costs possible.

                  Our junior classes start as white belts and

                  can achieve the rank of 4th degree red belt.

                  We believe a student should only attain the

                  title of black belt when they are more mature

                  mentally and at the age of least 17 years old.

                  We offer adult classes from the ages of 13

                  and up. The adult classes are more demanding,

                  you are introduced to hand to hand self defense,

                  and defenses against weapons along with the

                  traditional kicks, strikes and punches and forms

                  accustomed to karate.

                  I started with Mr. Gray in 1988.

                  With the A.S.K organization I have atteended

                  many seminars and camps with prominent

                  instuctors which taught different styles

                  of ways to defend oneself. I last ranked

                  up to 4th degree black in 2015 in A.S.K.

                 We are also part of Bill Wallace Superfoot System.

                  My family and I moved to the Lufkin area

                  in 2000. My son and daughter are active

                  in the arts and help out with the classes

                  now being conducted in the area.

                  To learn more, come by and see the class and talk with us.

We would love to meet you face to face.
















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